"Get a Buzz" Platter (Dairy)


Assortment of full-size Bourbon Pumpkin Raisin Cupcakes, Bourbon Black Bottom Cupcakes (chocolate/cream cheese cupcake) and Beer Brownies.

Chocoholic's Delight Platter (Parve)


Assortment of Double-Chocolate Brownie Bites, Chocolate Cake w/Ganache, Chocolate-Dipped Almond Horns and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Just Cookies Platter (Parve)


An assortment of chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry and chocolate-dipped almond cookies.   

Lemon Bar Platter (Parve) 


These tart lemon squares are sprinkled with powdered suger. Pucker up and enjoy.

Lemon Bar Triangles

Cake Swirl Platter (Parve)


Your favorite loaf cake presented on a platter in party-size slices.

Choose from Carrot w/Toffutti Topping, Chocolate w/Ganache, Cinnamon Marble, Lemon Pound or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip.

"Do It Your Self" Platter 


We are happy to help you create a platter that will meet your individual needs and help make any occasion special. Please give us a call so we can help.  

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Custom made to your needs.

Please call 3 days in advance 212.864.9500 

  • Cookies

  • Cakes 

  • Lemon Square 

  • Brownies 

  • Almond Horns

  • Chocoholic