The cake on shabbat was SOO good! I was surprised that so many people had not heard of you -- I want to get you into the Washington Heights community.

S. R.

Dear Susan My son just sent me a picture of the birthday cake you made in honor of his 30th birthday. It was delivered to his apartment and I can’t tell you how beautiful it was! It warmed my heart. He couldn’t be with us to celebrate but your cake made me feel like I gave him a hug and some love. Thank you Susan. It meant the world to me to have him receive this gorgeous cake. Looks yummy.

R. S

It was delicious!!!!!! Now we know our favorite birthday cake…

Evelyn. M

The cake was a huge hit! Everyone loved it!! Thank you so much!

Rebecca P

Thank you again for baking the cupcakes for my son's school birthday this morning. I know it was complicated with the holiday, and I'm very appreciative that you were able to make it happen. 

E. M

Thank you so much for the delicious Meringue Chocolate Mousse Cake! We loved it!!

M. Z

Thank you so much for the delicious Meringue Chocolate Mousse Cake! We loved it!!


Thank you SO much for delivering the chocolate ganache cake to my son today. He said it was absolutely delicious and he and his friends enjoyed it a lot. It helped us feel like we were celebrating with him from 6,000 miles away.


Not only is this bakery fantastic, but Susan is wonderful. She is kind, patient and considerate, even when she is entirely under the gun during pre-Passover time. As one of the only Kosher bakeries that does full scale Passover baking, she has many, many orders, but she takes time with each customer, and is always so pleasant. Her baked goods are simple magnificent. Everything we have tried (and we have tried most items) is beyond delicious. At our first Seder, she made a lemon-almond cake for us . It was phenomenal. One guest had three pieces, after a huge Seder meal. Her chocolate dipped almond and coconut cookies are fabulous. I gave her five stars, but she really deserves ten!

Ed R

Her cakes are amazing. I usually pick one up each week for our Shabbos meal. I still can't get over how good her lemon cake tastes... I've brought this cake to multiple pot luck lunches, and it is always a big hit. Fresh, kosher, and delicious.

Scott S

Friday night was the first time we had tried your Apple Coffee Cake Crumble Cake. OMG, IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS! Unbelievably fantastic. 

Stan R

I'm a huge fan of Susans baked goods - an early adopter. I'm also a fan of a woman who starts her own business and works really hard to make it a success.


My girlfriend and I stumbled upon this place today. We went to Kitchenette to buy a scone, but they didn't have any. A man at the counter told us that if we wanted really delicious pastries to go "literally around the corner" and that we would find a bakery there. We've been in Morningside Heights since 2006 and never once had either of us seen Susan Sez. We popped in, asked what they had, and were delighted with free samples (chocolate biscotti and sugar cookies), followed by two muffins - peach and pear - straight out of the oven. The muffins were light, sweet little clouds, peppered with deliciously caramelized fresh fruit. One of the best muffins I've ever had. We will definitely be coming back here for more.

Charlie G

Cookies were a huge hit – hope I got you some more business.  

L. S

I just wanted to thank you for that superb basket of goodies we received erev Rosh Hashana. I served them all of Yom Tov and my guests loved everything. 

Molly P

HEAVENLY gluten-free brownies.…

J. V.

The cakes and cookies for the party were excellent, truly terrific.  Thank you so much.


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